The Performative Dimension in Pictorial Practice – Transferences of Use between Performative Fields

This thesis is a methodological approach to the relationship between pictorial practi­ces and performative processes.

The first part of this study contrasts the models of the performative emergence in picto­rial practices, and maps the ontological and processual implications that this emer­gence has created. Three models are proposed: the linguistic, based on the theory of speech acts and visible in the verb lists made by artists as proto-performance spaces; the so­matic, framing the fictitious use of procedures and images as biographic proxies of the artist; and the transferences of use, indicating the redirection and replacement of a performative act in a process’ duration. This mechanism of transference implies the act’s migration out of its framework in order to host other mean­ing and perform other functions.

The second part, based on performative studies and experimental semiotics, analy­ses the mechanisms of transference of use as they appear in pictorial practices. It is shown that these mechanisms are, not only the main symptom of the performative dimension of the pictorial, but also the creative act by which pictorial processes lend or borrow patterns from other processes, replacing them in their own media and supports.

Year 2009
Type Thesis
Institution Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao
Degree PhD
Supervisor(s) Julián Irujo Andueza
Language Espanhol/Spanish
Field Drawing, Performative Studies