Visual culture as profane pedagogy: disturbing visualities with controversial images


The proposal addresses the issues and visualities of death crossed with historical contexts of selected

images. Intends to open to multiple questions. It was articulated from intersections and

disturbing visual similarities while provocative, seeking an educational intentionality to discuss that

brutality that seems timeless cyclically affect our human “qualities” in obscured times, which leads

us to exhibit the body of the “other” as a prix. The main idea is that the proposal could make us leave

our numbing and comfortable neutrality with which contemporaneity tends to freeze certain visualities

from a recent past and the meanings with which we built in front definite finis mortis.

Year 2013
Type Electronic Article, Other, Conference Proceeding
Publication Anais do VIº Seminário Nacional sobre Pesquisa em Arte e Cultura Visual
Publisher Universidade Federal de Goiás
Local Goiânia/ Goiás, Brasil.
Ed/Org Monteiro, R.H. & Rocha, E.
Language Português