3 Points Of Inflection: Collaborative Research Strategies Using Arts-Based Methods,

Arts-based research methodologies may offer many opportunities to assist educational researchers by providing non-linear ways of thinking and reflecting with an array of tools and research instruments that may be applied in the broad field of qualitative methods. Arts-based researchers systematic use artistic processes as a primary way of understanding and examining experience by both researchers and the people that they involve in their studies.

In this presentation we will relate to some of those potentialities, such as collaborative visual research methods and a/r/tography as they are viewed by the three authors of this presentation. The authors are members of the research group C3, a group of researchers and practitioners involved in provoking artistic based situations to initiate debates and reflections about theory and practice in arts education.

Year 2013
Type Other, Conference Proceeding
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Publication 1st Conference on Arts-Based and Artistic Research: Critical reflections on the intersection of art and research
Pages 286-295
Publisher University of Barcelona
Local Barcelona
Ed/Org Fernando Hernandez-Hernandèz e Rachel Fendler
Language English