Word of Mouth: Artists by artists

Word of Mouth is a research project focused on the contemporary practice of art.

Word of Mouth is about artists and their processes of work. Word of Mouth is about art and its particular phenomenology of making. Artists on their own words:  artists by artists.

Word of Mouth is also about the relations between the verbal and the non-verbal, between words and images. Word of Mouth is about what happens somewhere between tongue and the eye .

Word of Mouth is an ongoing series of artists talks, workshops, master classes and an archive of  texts, sounds and videos intended to be used as research material. The project involves the creation of an open on-line archive with previously unpublished material. The team involved in the project will look forward and backwards, creating new situations and excavating the past, both documenting the talks and further events organized under the title Word of Mouth and retrieving older material from institutional and personal archives.

In a near future the project website will feature a full on-line archive of  texts, sounds and videos.

Word of Mouth is a project by the i2ADS’ Research Group of Art and Intermedia.

Project Coordinator(s)
Start - End Date 2012-01