Artistic Practices: Subsidies for the recognition of their rhizomatic mechanisms in the transmission of knowledge.

Under the assumption that artistic practice is a result of creative processes, and that these are identifiable as mechanisms of response to an issue, in this project we are interested in creating conditions to identify the transversality of the problematization and the mechanisms used by each creative individual in order to solve this gap that mediates the path between thought and the execution of the object. Given that, in general, the results of research already produced point to the analytical rationalization of procedural frameworks, it is our aim to address the approach to a “state of purity”, which we consider more visceral, relational and difficult to theorize, concerning the stimuli and actions that determine the continuity in the various referential fields.

And if, in fact, the referential fields are identifiable after, and in front of, the finished object, whether observed by the other or by the individual him or herself, we intend to investigate whether the logic of these results really coincides with the reality of each individual’s research process. We also have the ultimate goal of testing the criteria of comprehension of poiesis – through the argument of  experience – that enable articulations with the protocols established under Higher Education and its academic recognition. Given the parameters of an established idea of artistic research, we are interested in contributing to the identification of transverse mechanisms, nominable and transmissible, among the various artistic practices.     

Institutions such as the School of Music and Scenic Arts and the Faculty of Fine Art themselves have a wide spectrum of possibilities where the exploratory nature of this project can take place. These are institutions that contemplate a whole multiplicity of variables that personify their artists / creators, who individually and / or collectively produce very different objects in their own modes of representation. We refer, obviously to painters, performers, set and costume designers, conducters, instrumentalists, composers, dancers, actors, sculptors, directors, etc. It should be added that, at a later stage, a national register (FBAUL and ESTC) would certainly consolidate the results to be collected.

Project Coordinator(s) Maria Manuela Bronze
Start - End Date 2018-02 / 2021-07
Research Hub Artistic Research