Research Laboratory in Arts Education – Felgueiras

FBAUP / i2ADS has a recognized work of action and research in artistic education, teacher training in visual arts teaching and advanced studies in art education. The partnership between the Municipality of Felgueiras and FBAUP / i2ADS aims at the implementation of a Pilot Project in Artistic Education which includes the planning, organization, dynamization and evaluation of the projects to be implemented from May 2019 to August 31, 2021, for 3 years with the schools of the 5 school groups of the municipality of Felgueiras, at the level of pre-school education and the 1st Cycle of Basic Education of the public public network, in the curricular area of ​​the artistic expressions. It also includes field research and the design of training seminars for educators and teachers involved in the schools where the projects will be implemented, as well as other teachers and educators in the Municipality of Felgueiras. The Pilot Project to be implemented aims at the elaboration of a municipal plan for the development of artistic education at the level of pre-school education and 1st Cycle of Basic Education in the county of Felgueiras, aiming at an integral formation of the children and continuous training of teachers and educators, which is part of the Integrated and Innovative Plan to Combat School Improvement. The Pilot Project aims to establish itself as an incubator of a creative laboratory, in an approximation to the economic and social reality of the county of Felgueiras, starting with pre-school education and 1st Cycle of Basic Education.

The team consists of graduates in fine arts, with a master’s degree in the field of arts education, and with ongoing research in the field of artistic education.



Catarina Martins

Tiago Assis

Catarina Almeida



Luísa Magalhães

Valentina Pereira

Ana Sofia Reis

Mariana Mendes Delgado

Mário Antunes

Maria Inês Barreira

Project Coordinator(s) Catarina Martins, Tiago Assis, Catarina Almeida
Start - End Date 2019-05 / 2021-08
Funding Comunidade Intermunicipal do Tâmega e Sousa
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