Study on the impacts of public policies in the area of artistic education in Portugal

This “Study on the impacts of public policies in the field of artistic education in Portugal” aims to carry out an initial evaluation of the Program of Aesthetic and Artistic Education (PEEA), implemented for the first time in the academic year 2010/2011, covering its development on the ground until 2013/2014. An initial approach to PEEA itself is relevant in confronting not only the UNESCO and OECD recommendations on arts education, but also international literature in the field of arts education, public policies in this area at European and international level, evaluations already carried out and ongoing pilot projects.

The study offers practical advice, best practices and a set of proposals, anchored in the field, analysis and research that promote artistic education in Portugal, in its multiple political, educational and cultural dimensions, not forgetting its inevitable inclusion in the tensions and dynamics of contemporaneity.



Catarina Martins (coord. i2ADS/FBAUP)

Luís Alberto Marques Alves (coord. CITCEM-FLUP)

Carla Luisa Moreira (CITCEM-FLUP)

Cristiana Martinha (CITCEM-FLUP)

Cristina Medanha (i2ADS/FBAUP)

Daniela Coimbra (i2ADS/FBAUP)

Francisco Perfeito (CITCEM-FLUP)

Helena Vieira (CITCEM-FLUP)

José Paiva (i2ADS/FBAUP)

Pedro Alves (CITCEM-FLUP)

Tiago dos Santos Reigada (CITCEM-FLUP)


Project Coordinator(s) Catarina Martins
Start - End Date 2014-10 / 2015-07
Funding Direção-geral da Educação