Creation of an educational network of Contemporary Art in the Yucatán-Cuba region – YUCUNET

The objective of the YUCUNET project is to offer the tools for the creation of an educational network of Contemporary Art in the Yucatán-Cuba region. It also aspires to contribute to the formation of two specific and parallel degrees in Mérida and Havana, or, ideally, an International Dual Degree, on Management of Contemporary Art and Cultures that will be taught in Mexico and Cuba through e-teaching and e- learning. We propose the development of a work process between American and European universities, with the support of independent professionals, experts in the field of museums, cultural management and civil society groups. We assume, as a starting point, the concept of “multilateral construction”, for the joint design of two specialized study plans, one for the UADY University of Mérida and the other for the ISA University of Havana, with the intention that they can be merged into one.


Based on the above, the specific objectives of the project will be:

1) To expand the higher education training capacities of the UADY (Mexico) linked to management in the fields of contemporary art and culture

2) To expand the training capacities of ISA (Cuba) in terms of educational forms and methods that start from new technologies (e-teaching and e-learning), applied to this area of knowledge.

3) To contribute to the creation of a master’s degree program for higher studies that stands out both in content and form, following the previous model of other similar master’s degrees of proven success, for example the one which was directed by the coordinators of this proposal. More specifically, creating programs for: a) Postgraduate in Management of Contemporary Art and Culture at UADY and UNAM universities focused on new and still to be explored artistic areas (the studies of the Master in Art, Criticism and Museology at USC assumed that students should participate in the course, both in the preparation of a critical text and curating a real exhibition – and something similar can be articulated for the UADY); b) Postgraduate studies in the ISA of Havana with similar focus to the previous one but more oriented to the new digital platforms; c) In the best of scenarios, we aspire to create an international Dual Degree in Mexico and Cuba.

4) To contribute to the development of a network of institutions linked to art and higher artistic education in the Yucatán-Cuba area and throughout Central America. To achieve this purpose, a network will be configured in which a series of institutions, companies and groups willing to receive future postgraduate students, so that they can carry out their first internships and professional collaborations, practices capable of serving as a link between the academy and the professional world of contemporary art criticism and curatorial practice.



This will be achieved through courses and workshops (template classes and pilot courses), which will serve to train future graduates in fine arts, art history, performing arts or architecture, among other disciplines, advanced content and new work methodologies.

To achieve the general objective, a stable collaboration will be created and maintained between these centers and the departments of Art History, Fine Art or Philosophy of the universities of Santiago de Compostela, Porto and Lisbon. And an effective interuniversity network will be configured to guide the aforementioned American centers in the conception of internationally proven master classes of undoubted value in these fields. The aspiration is to shape new higher studies that combine the most advanced pedagogical methodologies (digital and interactive) with the aim of improving students’ critical, hermeneutical and curatorial skills.




Project Coordinator(s)
Start - End Date 2021-01 / 2024-01
Funding Erasmus +