Conceptual Bases of Painting Research

Research in art aims not only to make the theoretical consistency of artistic practice more clear, but also to make the work of art more polysemous. However, artistic research does not seem to be equal to creation in art, precisely because the (research) method is apparently different from the process (of creation). If creation depends on the object, the investigation depends on speculation about the contexts of that object. Not only artistic creation and practice are the substance and the meaning of research, but the same investigation as a process and method path is potentially the founder of an artistic practice that finds in thinking the meaning of doing, and in that of thinking. For this reason the investigation is not known as a previous path – the investigation that is done in an artistic context accompanies the interior of the action of art, and with it is confused. In such a way that research and creation, in art, may very well be the same thing.

The methodology of art research, on the limit, seems to replicate the process of creation in art, that is, the method will be added to the process in organization, systematicity and reflection.

The methodology of art research will therefore seek to deconstruct the process by assigning meaning to the sensible. In this way, research in art explains and does not explain: it explains what lies outside the territories of art, but does not explain the territory itself that lies within it. Therefore, to investigate in art is to investigate as (a) possibility of speculative approximation that allows a pertinent awareness of the pictorial object: of the object produced, and or of the object to be produced.

Art, both in the state of theory and in the state of practice, is how it is done, but also how it is thought. Theory that proposes itself as ideology. Practice that is exposed as object. Research (in art), both in the state of practice and in the state of theory, is how it is organized, but also how it is made known. In this context, art research is, in the limit, the exercise of making art speak, which synthesizes what matters and what is important for art. Therefore, if art is made by thinking and can be thought by doing itself, research is made by systemating and it is systematized itself by doing, or: 1) is it possible that artistic creation is the same as art research?; 2) is it possible to have research without creation?; 3) is it possible to have creation without investigation?; 4) is it possible for the work and the discourse of the work to be simultaneously investigation and (or) creation?



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