The comparative study of several editions of a musical work represents the fundamental scientific basis for the achievement of an interpretive vision that is closer to the original idea of the composer and to others that, given their singularity, may constitute a relevant aesthetic-interpretative collection in the context of musical performance.

The analysis of the multiple existing editorial sources, attributed to pianists, interpreters, tutors or musicologists, forms and promotes the production of syntheses of interpretative thinking, much in the pedagogical process of creating performances of reference and aesthetically on the part of the student-interpreter, as in the very performative act of the teacher-interpreter.

In addition to this ambition we add the desire to transform contemporary creation, interpretation and musical hearing, into an invitation to explore sound events and record multiple evidences, and to collectively reflect on the condition of interpretative freedom in performance arts. The result will be a project that raises questions about the polysemy of the concept(s) of musical interpretation in the 21st century, forming interpreters with awareness of “critical thinking” and “listening” as well as conscious of the world around them.

Project Coordinator(s) Constantin Sandu
Start - End Date 2018-03 / 2023-03
Research Hub Artistic studies