This Became my Text

This video is a textual event but also a gear mechanism of apparently non-related characteristics that give birth to arbitrary connections. It’s also a textual experiment in which overlapping becomes a mechanism that produces it’s own connections. The mechanism that emerged from this experience drew unexpected directions and surprising sensations.
The words are images. Or rather every word is a image. When the words are joining the problems start . So, their relationships are not always interesting, passionate or understandably.
It is not tragic that does not exist a understandable relationship. We can even find a justification. The difficulty is to encourage a justification that can be productive. So, repeated relationships is a trend that forced me to look for new unions.
All artistic expressions should be called experimental. Insecure and with no protective floor mat. In contemporary music it happens. The melody and the syntax of the work are initially difficult to grasp because the succession of sounds is unpredictable. Probably only a repeated listening of the work allows us to feel that there is melody, ie : that we are facing something which resembles a narrative that makes sense.
It seems to me imperative a turnoff in the worn and inefficient grammars and a investent in the invention of a new poetic syntax, following perhaps Mallarmé, without repeating patterns.
To understand that single words may have their sense units, I invoke the contemporary music. I invoke the words that do not easily relate to each other, or phrases which are interrupted or not ending. Words that combine incomplete sentences that make us feel what is impossible to say and what hides behind the certainty of experience and reality .
But our perception of reality has been modified. The research literature teaches us and forces us to look behind the insignificance of what is apparently insignificant. We can find a wealth of meanings which our habits, distractions and received education does not allow to see.
As Foucault (1975) argues “”Life’s interpretation, however, is the belief that there are no more than interpretations. It seems to me necessary to understand something that many of our contemporaries forget, ie that hermeneutics and semiology are two enemies. A hermeneutics which a semiotics tends to believe in the absolute existence of symbols: abandon violence, unfinished, the infinity of interpretations, to reign terror suspect content and language. We recognize the later marxism. On the contrary, a hermeneutics that develops by itself, enters the field of languages that should be involved in each other, this intermediate region between madness and pure language, is where we recognize Nietzsche “”(p.27)
The work may consist of less considered elements of meaning, but as finished totality imposes itself as revelation of a sense. It has the importance and depth of meaning that in the past was only given to major themes, to the key challenges, the events that feature life or experience. What appears to inform may be an yet undiscovered way of organizing experience and to create a art work in art education research.

Event Title European Conference on Educational Research - ECER2017
Comunication Title This Became my Text
Date 22 of August of 2017