The Urgency of Renewal: Arts Education as an Open Field for the Construction of the Subjects

The advent of global democracies since the 50s revealed at the core of western culture essential interests to uphold hegemonic powers: ideologies sediment in scientific rationality and neoliberal economies of knowledge; the agenda of total mobilization of the capitalist market into academic and aesthetic institutions; and the ‘harmonious’ establishment of multiculturalism.
Due to the failure of Western becoming, which has paralyzed art’s irreverence and its implication with the political, the field of arts education is restricted to post-industrial structures. By moving from a standardization model to a regime of mass customization they exert a simulated promotion of ‘a time of happiness’: a psychological perspective of creativity development and disciplinary construction of the subject. Also, learning a ‘language of looking’ heightens the idea of ‘genius’ and thus perpetuate arts’ astonished gaze.
The urgency to seek for a radical change, beyond routines and lack of interest, is that of withdrawing ‘naturalized truths’ and of triggering questions open to other critical intervention practices in arts education. This radical movement must start from an agonistic research, i.e. self-suspending the educational exercise power that teachers/artists/researchers hold, through a renewed attention to experiences undertook in other cultures, or in movements not legitimized by western history.
In this perspective, which recognizes the limitations of a distinct exercise in an European University, we approach a particular context – a set of schools from Brazilian backlands – whose experience of intercultural action performed for over ten years intends to present possible readings and spread out the debate.

Event Title Twelfth International Conference on The Arts in Society
Comunication Title The Urgency of Renewal: Arts Education as an Open Field for the Construction of the Subjects
Date 14 of June of 2017
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