Painting in Lab: Sensory Experience on Primary Blue

Lab Color Sense project, related to the Ph.D, aim to summarize and discusses the process that occurs in human perception: sensory impressions, organizing process, and interpretative process of Visual Perception and Dermo-Optical Perception (DOP). The participants of the 5th Encounter on Practices of Research in Art and Education were invited to analyze their cognitive perception during the contact with “primary blue” colour with the intent to investigate the dialogues between body and colour during the practice of painting, through self-experience and self-analysis. This research workshop attempts to abstract oneself from their own experience, wherein the methodological process is to investigate how participants create their own methodology which led their actions/experiences with colour.

Keywords: Painting, colour, human body, cognitive education, self-reflection.

Event Title AIC Interim Meeting
Comunication Title Painting in Lab: Sensory Experience on Primary Blue
Date 25 of September of 2018
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