Negotiation: An Essay Of Subjectivation

This article intends to rethink the educational practices in museological contexts, in the light of two main axes, the notion of museum as post-representation space presented by Nora Sternfeld, which when articulated with the notion of disobedience proposed by Dennis Atkinson, opens an epistemological field where artistic education finds itself in a logic of dissensus.
If on the one hand I am interested in thinking how this museum space calls for a certain idea of instability, of provisional that allows possibilities of transformation of the subject and the nature of the cultural institutions themselves, on the other, it is inevitable to perceive notions like negotiation and risk inherent to the pedagogical practices that cross in museological context with the artistic practices.
In the last twenty years the proliferation of educational or mediation departments in museum contexts has been considerable. Inevitably the teams of professionals from these spaces also suffered changes and new conflicts opened up inside and outside themselves. These new encounters now allow much of the research in the disciplinary field of art education to be based on this recent history.
This article exploresthe notion of museum as a post-representation space, presented by Nora Sternfeld (Sternfeld, 2013), where the field of curatorship and the educational field establish intimate relationships and enable new relations of power and transformation as critical practices.
In a second part the dialogue will be from the spaces where the possibility of conflict, of dissensus, of unexpected, is extremely probable and desirable. Disobedient spaces, which as Dennis Atkinson (Atkinson, 2016) thinks, are spaces for negotiation in the encounters, spaces of experimentation, subjectivation, and unstable forms.
Not ending, but closing the article, I’ll open a third moment of discursive claim within the problematic field of artistic education, where the contribution of Carmen Morch (Mörsch, 2009, 2017) will be important, particularly with regard to different working contexts Institutions and their configurations.

Event Title European Conference on Educational Research - ECER2017
Comunication Title Negotiation: An Essay Of Subjectivation
Date 22 of August of 2017