Extended printmaking: In Pure print practices

This paper seeks to reveal how cross disciplinary events such as Pure Print, may contribute with new insights toward the current quest for a relevant printmaking practice. The research has been especially aimed at developing more flexible, effective methodologies within an academic environment. This paper presents the findings of a programme of research initially considered to re-access photomechanical processes. From the pre-selected printing techniques, to the revision of process transfer paper formulas, tests lead us to collect multiple variations of the autogenic qualities of processes, which, not being based in the use of photography, involved the literal translation or reproduction of drawn marks. Their reproductive qualities reinforced perceptions of how context, conditions and processes had to be in place for a full creative research based on a printmaking. Moreover, what could be use from local resources, aligning craft and practice, selecting connections between printmaking and creative research at large.

In doing so, proposals aimed to shed light on how printmakers may construct knowledge, which activities and formats need to be programmed and which provide transformational experiences. Hence, as methodology we insisted in familiar formats (artist-led workshops, talks, seminars, cross-disciplinary events). In line with this, published books, posters, books of specimens as documents, where forms and contents reflected wide spectrum of possibilities.

Along this, research program had to set studio research conditions. Pure Print, international printmaking meeting emerged as the research platform allowing us to further collect and share with researchers, contributors and users of a programme of events and activities understood to be an investigation undertaken with participants. Refusing a linear technological progression and rigid research plans, we propose an impure practice seen as a transition into a intermedial experience that considers all aspects of an art practice, poetics, experiential, political, hermeneutic.

Event Title IMPACT 10 - Encuentro
Comunication Title Extended printmaking: In Pure print practices
Date 1 of September of 2018
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