What questions are you posing to yourself at the moment? A few notes

Today’s artists are embracing ‘research’ as a feature of their practice, and this framing is institutionally enforced by the range of options on post-graduate education, an enrollment seen as the logical following step on their careers. The increasing amount of recent publications and the frantic organization of events centered on the intersection between arts and research is meaningful of the relevance of the theme. By probing what are the research problems of artists undergoing higher education studies, as well as the concerns of fellow artists who relate themselves to practice-based research, I will try to analyze the consequences for artistic practice on the one hand, and the way of looking at research from the art perspective on the other. For considering this ontological change, I will focus on: i) the reasons behind their decision to enroll or to not enroll in doctoral studies, ii) the questions guiding their research and iii) their understanding of what research is and how artistic research builds knowledge. At stake is to perceive what the questions asked by the interviewed individuals tell about the way research relates to artistic practice.

Event Title 1st Conference on Arts-Based and Artistic Research: Critical reflections on the intersection between art and research
Comunication Title What questions are you posing to yourself at the moment? A few notes
Date 1 of January of 2013