LABEA – Research Laboratory in Arts Education

The Research Laboratory in Arts Education is a space of experimental research in different educational contexts in which the artistic and the educational are confronted. It seeks to destabilise routines and constraints through the creation of questionings, reflections, sharing and discussion of field practices and of research itself. It starts from the assumption that theory and practice are not separated entities but that the distinction itself is the result of theoretical divisions. In this presentation three main triggers of this research project will be explored: the artist as a virus in educational contexts, desobedient and disruptive practices that can also generate disobedient ways of researching, and the idea of a live archive as historical and experimental cultural artifacts open to reenactments. These will be explored through different micro-projects in which artistic practices and methodologies of artistic research function as the platform for action and research.

Event Title Arts Again - Research Forum, University of Madison - Wisconsin
Comunication Title LABEA - Research Laboratory in Arts Education
Date 11 of October of 2018
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