Aurélia de Souza: Feminism at the Mirror

Abstract: This article deals with the work “Self- -portrait (with tie)” (c. 1897) and three other works by the pioneer female portuguese artist Aurélia de Souza. Iconographic analysis reveals an artist who is actively critical and fully aware of the nineteenth century gender discrimination of which she was also a victim. It is concluded that her work and importance as a major figure of art history has been unjustly distorted by a stubborn gender discrimination.

Keywords: Aurelia de Souza / woman artist / feminism / romanticism.

Event Title ARTE, RELAÇÕES, IMPLICAÇÕES: o VI Congresso CSO’2015
Comunication Title Aurélia de Souza: O Feminismo ao Espelho
Date 23 of (Português) Março of 2018