Art In The Schools Of The Community Of Conceição Das Crioulas

The recognition of the importance of arts education in European schools, in its diversity of cases, is not comfortable with the social utilitarianism that neoliberal pressures exert on school curricula. The shyness in the presence of arts education and the lack of an enlightened action in its function away from the promotion of genius and from the production of moments of happiness in children, does not exempt it from the lack of recognition that surrounds it.
For fifteen years, in a community far from the history that has constructed the naturalized practices of arts education, a group of Portuguese teachers and art students has been involved in the challenge of integrating arts education in the daily life of the schools that the community directs (Conceição das Crioulas, Sertão of Pernambuco, Brazil).
Here we present a video directed in the community, where a group of teachers analyzes what has been done so far, and looks at the way arts education has been integrated into their schools. In their statements, the difficulties in the relationship with the local institutions linked to the city hall are combined with the limits of understanding of the regional faculties of teacher training, in what concerns the attention given to the ethnic-racial specificities of pedagogical practices.
The presentation of this video aims to instigate a debate that already emanates from it.

Event Title European Conference on Educational Research - ECER2017
Comunication Title Art In The Schools Of The Community Of Conceição Das Crioulas
Date 22 of August of 2017