A Disobedient School?: a Genealogy of Some Pedagogical Practices

In a catering regime of education everything seems to be in the right size and measure to answer particular ends. Learners and learning, knowledge and knowing, are imagined through particular grids of thought that configure what to do in order to achieve a certain state. This paper questions these positionings and rationalities. From the experience of the winter school ‘Arts-based research: how do the artistic
and the educational entangle’, held in January 2018 in Guimarães, within the framework of network 29, this paper seeks to think of the formats, times and spaces of a school beyond the common sense of what a school means. Concentration, time, attention, exercise, usefullness are some of the practices whose genealogy will be accessed in order to denaturalize the most common and almost unquestionable meanings of what seems to be a disciplinary order of the school. With this, we intend to create a map of entries that, setting a possible order of things and a grammar of schooling, can also be an archive open to multiple configurations.

Event Title European Conference on Educational Research - ECER2018
Comunication Title A Disobedient School?: a Genealogy of Some Pedagogical Practices
Date 3 of September of 2018