(Português) Entre a impressão e a desaparição: implicações conceptuais na mediação das superfícies

I present a set of thoughts and hypothesis of acting centered in disappearance as a metaphor of what occurs in printing techniques, and as an effect of my personal fascination about impermanency and about things that are commonly seen as insignificant. At first, I work on the most elementary ways of printing, promoting a technological return to the origins. Drawings and images are the result of a set of rudimentary procedures. Then, matter converted into dust is sculpture interference mark, visible in all the creative process. I also work around everyday-life objects, incorporated in all different technical procedures that I’ve used, especially Lithography (because it allows a dialogue with disciplines such as Drawing, Photography and Sculpture). Finally, a brief experience in Screenprint: repetition and sequence are some of the concepts approached. What persists, in the end of this project, is the emanation of degradation, the transformed image, as consequence of the fragility of the materials that have been used. We are, therefore, inevitably confronted with the threat of disappearance.