(Português) Deambulações na imagem: fotogramas de um processo de impressão

The project presented here, touches on several issues of relevance to the topic in research on Wanderings in the Image – Photo frames of a Printing Process. Questions about the recurrence of the terminology palimpsest and how it is applied, the connection with residue, time and narrative in the image, the photographic image and how these elements co-existed with the processes of printing techniques. The development of the work is based and it is set on these premises, mainly on the idea of palimpsest and variant, and the pursuit of image degradation by the accumulation of information. The use of printing techniques such as engraving, which allows multiplication of an image and opens ways for creative exploration, the use of procedures of photographic images and other technical procedures were part of the construction of unique images. For a better understanding of the choices made, was made an artistic and technical background on the subject. Images infect images, procedural paths intersect, the latency of something previous, a sequence, the narrative, the series belonging to a timeline and visual concern. The wandering of the image and experiences.