(Português) Criatura Intangivel: especulações graficas sobre o monstro

The main object of the research is to deepen and discuss issues raised by the process of creating the drawings and etchings that comprise a series that can be seen as a single creature. It is based on inductive-deductive method, in other words, the practice gives rise to the theoretical postulates. The theoretical line is phenomenological, and seeks through personal reflection on the works, to empower them without exhausting or explaining their meaning. The research is done often in a literary and poetic way. The idea of the formless (informe) is the theoretical core of the work, for it abridges that which should not be classified, defined or understood completely, and is essential for the creating of this indefinite and metamorphic monster. The drawings and engravings contaminate themselves, and as a series are multiple aspects of a single monstrous and multifaceted creature. It is a monster in the sense that it allows the breaking of order, and, through inherent denial, glimpses an unknown that surpasses rationality