(Português) As Artes Plasticas Angolanas dos Ultimos 10 Anos

This work aims to recognise how artists from Angola contemporary art scene have been approaching their practice for the last decade. This study aims to analyse their life during a period that was marked by the consolidation of peace and also by the economic and industrial development. This analysis is based on a study conducted by Elsa David while interviewing two artists from two different generations, António Ole and Yonamine. António Ole is from the pre-independence period, 1975 whereas Yonamine, is from a later period, born in 1975. Angola was a Portuguese colony from the beginning of XV century, until 1975, becoming independent on the 11th November 1975, wich also marks the beginning of the civil war that lasted until 2002. Throughout the historical analysis, from past periods to present time, this study will be looking into the meaning of angolanity1, its definition, its cultural traditions and believes, myths and many others influences. Futhermore,this study also aims to analyse the various aspects of Fine Arts in Angola, with more focus on the work of those two artists that are internationally recognised