untitled about radio

▶ PEDRO TUDELA – “untitled about radio” / 50:19

The series of radio frequencies (data transmitted by electric signs irradiated by antennas), white noise and sound static are common elements in the space provided by radiophonic diffusion. These noises are to be found in what we consider as the space in between the assigned frequencies. Regardless of technology’s tendency to set them apart from the auditor, they exist and appear, for example, as absence reports and as space in between radio stations. They are part of the radiophonic universe, simultaneously as technical information and as sonic nature leading to a change. Usually nobody relishes these kinds of noises, unless they overlap the sounds that the auditor actually wants to hear, due to some default or signal reception defect. The sound piece produced mimics the pulse of a cadenza composed by small fragments, made out of processing seized materials. It remits us to the compression we observe in the commercial radiophonic broadcasts and encompasses the conscience of the speed and the deceits generated by communication propagated, whereas assimilated/appropriated. The wide atmosphere becomes too small.