Without Mercy

Group exhibition | Sem Quartel
Curatorship | Óscar Faria
Venue | Sismógrafo, Porto
Dates | 24.04.2014 – 18.05.2014


“Participants: Amarante Abramovici, Tiago Afonso, Pedro Amaral, Edições Antipáticas, Hernâni Reis Baptista, Pedro Barateiro, José Bica, Rossella Biscotti, António Brás, Pedro Cachapuz, Isabel Camarinha, António Caramelo, Diana Carvalho, Alexandre Alves Costa, Luís Paulo Costa, Mariana Mendes, Delgado, Mattia Denise, Luís Espinheira, Óscar Faria, Rita Medinas Faustino, Renato Ferrão, César Figueiredo, Nuno Grande, Júlio Henriques, Luís Jacinto, Herculano Lapa, Miguel Leal, Maria João Macedo, Pedro Magalhães, Pedro Junqueira Maia, João Marçal, Cristina Mateus, Rosário Melo, Carlos Azeredo Mesquita, Vera Mota, Luís Nunes, José Oliveira, Catarina Oliveira, Fernando José Pereira, Miguel Teotónio Pereira, Silvestre Pestana, Renato Pinto, Pedro Pousada, Miguel Ramos, Adão Reis, Cláudia Reis, Sebastião Resende, Fernando J. Ribeiro, Sara Rodrigues, Saguenail, Álvaro Salazar, Lia Vaz Saleiro, João Fonte Santa, Dinis Santos, Valdemar Santos, Rita Senra, Thierry Simões, André Sousa, Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa, António de Sousa, José Tavares, Pedro Tudela, Nicole Tsangaris, Kevin Van Braak, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Jorge Valadas, Armando Veiga.

From our side, we have to expose the old world to complete
daylight and positively configure the new.
[Marx, in a letter to Arnold Ruge, 1843]

“Without Mercy” consists of a collective initiative with more that sixty participants, who brought to life a programme that looked not only to shatter memories, but also to reveal different intensities produced in the present. Exhibitions, cinema series, conversations and performances constituted the essence of the activities that developed in collaboration with other spaces within the city: Confederação, Círculo Católico Operário do Porto, Gato Vadio, Livraria Utopia and Rua do Sol 172.

The opening of “Sem Quartel / Without Mercy” happened on two consecutive days at Sismógrafo, Livraria Utopia and Gato Vadio, revealing the work, most of it unseen, of 45 artists from different generations. To these were added posters and photographs produced during the PREC and a bibliographic display of editions published between 1974 and 1978. A series of conversations brought to present stories that happened during the revolution, further underlining the way some issues of the time perpetuate to the present day: from the right to housing, to the necessity of a reflection about the destiny of democracy, extending to a debate around the ideas of community.

The “Without Mercy” programme included further more a session with videos produced by artists, closing with a cinema series, where feature-films, documentaries and test-films were presented. This programme had the presence of both film directors – Saguenail, José Tavares –, and other guests – Edições Antipáticas, Júlio Henriques, Miguel Teotónio Pereira –, that commented and debated the context in which the works presented were produced in.”