Performance | Quando o meu pai trouxe estes panos ainda não me conhecia
Curatorship | Antonia Gaeta
Venue | Rua Cidade de Cabinda, Olivais, Lisboa
Date | 26.01.2017 – 31.12.2018

“When my father brought these cloths he still didn’t know me, 2015-17
Action on Rua Cidade de Cabinda, Olivais, Lisboa
5 cloths
Curated by Antonia Gaeta

Curatorial Clube is an exhibition space where curators invite artists to perform an action in public space.
This action is registered photographically in a specific format and presented with an descriptive text.
The curatorial space in question is the framing of a 50 mm lens or equivalent.
The actions take place and are recorded without the presence of public specifically for the occasion.”