when someone died they just asked: did he have passion?

Group exhibition | when someone died they just asked: did he have passion?
Curatorship | Óscar Faria
Venue | Sismógrafo, Porto
Dates | 15.12.2017 – 20.01.2018

Amy Hollowell
André Gomes
António Poppe
Bruno Zhu
Diana Carvalho
Hernâni Reis Baptista
Inês Dias
Isabel Duarte
Óscar Faria
Joana Fervença
João Jacinto
João Soares
Manuel de Freitas
Maria João Macedo
Paulo da Costa Domingos
Pedro Morais
Rui Baião
Rui Chafes
Sebastião Resende

January (to be announced)
André Gomes
António Poppe

Two verses from a poem by Herberto Helder, first published in “”A Faca não Corta o Fogo: súmula & inédita””, are the starting point for this project, comprising an exhibition and a book. The project is an attempt to answer this question, supposedly formulated in ancient Greece[2] when passion was still “”pathos””, that is, it had different meanings — for example, in the Timaeus, Plato lists five main passions: pleasure; sadness; daring; fear and hope.

It is not known if Herberto Helder has appropriated a line from the movie “”Serendipity”” (2001), when Dean Kansky, performed by Jeremy Piven, says “You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: «Did he have passion?»” This, however, is a question that concerns us all, especially when it has the purpose of a summary: a whole life is condensed by it. The others’, ours.”