Pulso, empunhadura, desonra.

Solo exhibition | Pulso, empunhadura, desonra.
Curatorship |  Galeria Extéril
Venue | Galeria Extéril
Dates | 06.04.2013 – 06.05.2013

Since 2001, I have presented at the Extéril Gallery, thanks to the care taken by Teixeira Barbosa, some of the work I have been doing and reworking over the years. I have shown more or less spontaneous and immediate results that confirm my belief in powerless on being able to do work or something. I have shown, without another strategy, what I am doing and remaking. I adopt things that have been done for a long time, although others appear to me unintentionally, and can configure, for example, a sudden series of drawings. Throughout this process something has been saved.
In addition to the shipwreck drawings, which I have shown elsewhere in other occasion, I try to recover, as far as possible, the disengagement – the inoperability and the inconsistency – that characterizes my doing. Showing and not showing have constituted the two faces of an ill-defined dedication.
The drawings that are now presented are simple remembrances, accidents or relapses of images, gestures, things presumed or poorly seen. They take the form of masks or other concealing devices that result from a sequence of work as involuntary as it is inevitable.
What is first is the loose gesture of the fist that follows the wielding of the features of a mask. What is left is little, very little, and the mistake. There remains the appearance of a tendency, more or less stereotyped, and the ambiguous variants of a figural intention.
But, finally, what matters is to attract a background, an uneducated composition, as the ancients said, a movement where it is possible to see otherwise what is common.
Porto, April 6, 2013