Solo exhibition | Phor
Curatorship | Galeria Éxteril
Venue | Galeria Éxteril
Dates | 22.03.2014 – 22.04.2014

“Phor is the Greek word that we see associated in the word metaphor. Meta-phor: style figure that describes one thing by comparison, with another completely different. What we are trying to express here is precisely the idea of carrying and transporting or transposing.
The drawings and the cutouts are two faces of the same will to compose and put together. Newspapers drawings and clippings bear. The disparity is clear. The affinity, to exist, is latent.
The drawings are, therefore, immediate responses to stimuli that imply the motif of the collected images. It has already been so on another occasion. Now it resurfaces under the transposed mode of another possible metamorphosis.”