OAV – Multimodal System

OAV is a multimodal performance system, programmed and operated in the visual domain by André Rangel, and in the audio domain Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela. OAV is not designed as a self-running autonomous system but as a performance tool to be deployed in coprocessing with the three human operators. OAV’s structure is generative, with vary- ing outputs ranging from minimal to extremely noisy, progressing from a high level of abstraction and a slow tempo to near figuration and an increasingly accelerated rhythm.
The object simultaneously uses real time generative and processing methods: 1) a noise generator based on matrices of pseudo-random values; 2) procedural models generating visual and audial elements and structures of arbitrary resolution and open-ended varia- tion; 3) the incorporation and reprocessing of inputs from the physical world.

The audial layer is created from the integration of algorithmic processes, synthesis and field recordings, partly auto-actuating, partly performed live with computational tools. The macro-structure of the composition is procedurally determined, but the performers retain the capacity to arbitrarily trigger specific sound-events and to influence the overall development of the audiovisual performance.

The visual procedural technique is based on algorithms that generate coordinates along a Cartesian grid, transformed by offset and rotation. The algorithm accesses a pseudo- random coherent noise mathematical function, inspired in Voronoi tessellations, to cre- ate texture and modify geometry. The visual outputs are reminiscent of imagery of the nanoscopic world; this was not the result of a conscientious decision or of an aesthetic influence, but rather an outcome of resemblances discovered after the image generating processes were programmed. Beyond plastic and structural similarities, the processes use high levels of codifying, meta-codifying and trans-codifying techniques that cause totally synthetic systems to resemble chemical and biological entities.