Sound Design and Composition for “The Motherhood Archives”

I am currently (December 2012)  designing and composing sound for the new experimental feature documentary by filmmaker Irene Lusztig (,”The Motherhood Archives”.

Combining history of science and women’s studies, and in dialogue with feminist collective filmmaking practices of the 1970s, THE MOTHERHOOD ARCHIVES is an experimental documentary film and parallel web project that braids together footage of different genres, formats and historical eras. Interweaving a poetic visual archival history of the maternal education film in the twentieth century with contemporary documentary material, the resulting project will form a multilayered (and multi-format) cine-essay problematizing the manufacturing of modern motherhood as identity, ideology,scientific construct, and psychological state. At the heart of the film is a series of informal filmed encounters with new mothers and mothers-to-be: filmed on 16 mm film with sync sound, these interactions attempt to recreate the intimate conversational women’s space of 1970s feminist documentary films while at the same time acknowledging the impossibility of recapturing a mode of discourse that has largely been erased in the ensuing decades.

In tandem with my work on this film, I am also creating a participatory website. I see the film and web iterations of this project as interconnected: as I work across old and new moving-image forms to explore a common set of themes, the two projects hopefully enter into a rich conversation. My interest is in generating a complex intermedia space that articulates a narrative space of women’s experience that is both intimate and communal.

Track from the soundtrack: