Suspension of use of subsection 3 of article 22 of the FCT, I.P. Research Fellowship & Studentship Regulations

THE DIÁRIO DA REPÚBLICA, we hereby advise all interested parties that,
regarding the above-mentioned issue, the following ministerial dispatch
(Despacho) was issued today, and shall be published in the Diário da


“Taking into consideration that Law 233/2012 (29th October) deferred until
the next academic year (2013-2014) the effect of the changes made by Law
2012/2012 (27th August) to the Research Fellowship & Studentship Statutes
(EBI), concerning the strengthening of the exclusivity clause for research
fellows and students;

Considering that subsection 3 of article 22 of the FCT, I.P. Research
Fellowship and Studentship Regulations, included in Regulation nº 234/2012,
published in the 2nd Series of the Diário da República, nº121 (25th June),
limits the terms which would ensure that the approved workplan be
successfully carried out with simultaneous accumulation of other activities
foreseen in the exclusivity clause, and is therefore substantively
associated with the directives for which the effects have now been deferred;

Considering that, in accordance with the law, the above-mentioned FCT
Regulations were ratified by the Secretary of State for Science;

Implementing the ministerial dispatch by the Secretary of State for Science,
of 29th October 2012, the Direction of FCT, I.P, determines the immediate
suspension of the use of nº3, article 22 of the FCT, I.P. Research
Studentship and Fellowship Regulations.

Lisbon, 29 October 2012
President of FCT, I.P., Miguel Seabra”

We advise all holders of research studentships or fellowships whose
application may have been refused on the bases of non-compliance with the
now-suspended rule, that, according to the Administrative Code, they have
one year to file a request for appeal, that shall be evaluated by the FCT
Direction, under the suspension now put in place.

Miguel Seabra
President of FCT, I.P.