PSIAX – Studies and Reflections on Drawing and Image | 2nd series, nº 4

OPEN CALL “How walking and drawing intersect

PSIAX – Studies and Reflections on Drawing and Image | 2nd series, nº 4


The next issue of PSIAX journal focuses on the question: “How walking and drawing intersect“. What works, art pieces, projects or theoretical considerations allow us to show, and to question, the act of walking, of wandering, as well as its joint – intertwined – purpose of drawing? In the well-known expression of the Spanish poet A. Machado, we can read that “there is no road, the road is made by walking”. Within this sense, which overruns the idea of a method, of a path already known, we could say that the act of drawing is done with the “walking” of drawings but also within the possibility of, while walking, the draftsman giving meaning to the power of drawing. Whether as a travel experience, as a short break in the territory’s journey, as an exercise in analysing or recording the landscape, or as a projective, poetic or performative action.

What practices, themes, contents, and what results, allow to simultaneously integrate the gesture of drawing and the experience of the walker, the flâneur, the traveler or the passerby?

Thus, drawings, artistic projects, images, papers, essays, contextualizing or critical texts are intended to account for and / or problematize the experience of walking / drawing.

Contributions must be sent to by May 5th, in any of the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Italian.

Accompanying the full text must be a summary with a maximum of 500 words in Portuguese and English; 4 keywords and a biographical note with 40 to 60 words.

By June 5, candidates will be informed if the proposal has been accepted. Contributions must have a number of characters, including spaces, between 11000 and 21000. Accepted articles will be reviewed by the editorial committee. The commission reserves the right not to publish articles that do not follow the recommendations for review.

Contributions in text should be sent in a single WORD file, with the text in Times New Roman, body 12 and leading 1.5, justified. Footnotes and references must be formatted in size 10, simple interlining, according to the APA style. References must be integrated in the text.

Citations up to 3 lines must be inserted in the text in quotation marks and followed by appropriate references. Citations with more than 3 lines must be highlighted in the text with Times New Roman font, size 10, single space, justified, indentation 4 cm from the left margin. Each contribution will have a maximum limit of 8 images.

Contributions by artistic project must be accompanied by a description of up to 500 words and a maximum of 20 images.

The images can be sent in .jpg or .tiff format, with a minimum of 7.5 x 10 cm, 300 dpi, and must be identified in the text and in the file, accompanied by a technical information and referenced.

PSIAX has been an active journal since 2002, publishing studies and reflections on drawing and image. It is jointly managed by the Faculties of Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of Porto and the School of Architecture at the University of Minho, being edited by the research units i2ADS and Lab2PT.

ISSN 1647-8045

Submission date: until May 5th 2020

Results: until June 5th 2020

Launch of the magazine: September 2020

Place Faculdades de Arquitectura e Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto e da Escola de Arquitetura da Universidade do Minho
Date 30 of January to 30 of September of 2020