IMMER, now in its second edition, seeks to continue the process of reflecting and discussing emergent issues, research processes and practical possibilities developed in the educational territory in museums.

The meeting aims to bring together researchers, students and professionals in the fields of education, artistic practice, curation, and museum studies, and, moreover, to create a space open to reflection and dialogue, by incorporating and confronting several current narratives, within a local, national and international framework.

We propose to create an informed field and critical immersion around the issues and the positioning of current institutions concerning contemporary culture, by focusing on a “theory of change” in face of the conventional hegemonic, paternalist or colonialist narratives still dominant in today’s institutional context.

This year, IMMER seeks to express new and alternative educational positionings concerning museums, by convoking to the discussion the emerging counternarratives configured in three thematic dimensions: work processes with communities and its relationship with social activism; modes of participation and public engagement; and hybrid work processes between education and programming/artistic practice. Thus, in its second edition, by means of the call for proposals for presentations, IMMER aims to become a place to present, reflect and debate the most recent educational approaches and research narratives, seeking to produce a time and space absolutely dedicated to a field of reflexivity and collective critical production that can promote transformative dynamics within the framework of institutional practice.

Place Museu do Douro, Peso da Régua
Date 14 to 15 of May of 2019
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