ICOCEP, International Congress on Contemporary European Painting, 2nd Edition

8 – 11 April 2019

Porto, Portugal 




The School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and the I2ADS – Research Institute of Art Design and Society are hosting ICOCEP, 2nd Edition of the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON CONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN PAINTING.

After the successful edition of 2017, where we had the opportunity to received more than 70 researchers from different countries, this new edition intend to be a plural reflexion on painting as dialogical process.

The ICOCEP aims to be a platform for reflection about painting as a central phenomenon, and this year edition will be focus on the dialogical perspective of painting. Studying painting as process, painting and teaching, and the relation between painting and different contemporary contexts.

This event will also try to stimulate an interdisciplinary conversation on the production and practice of European painting, connecting a critical engagement and examination between teaching and learning, studios and classrooms, museums and galleries.

The second edition of ICOCEP will be held at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto from
April’s 8th to 11th of 2019.




Luc Tuymans

Born 1958, lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.Tuymans is considered as one of the most influential painters of the international art scene. He has been dedicating himself to figurative painting since the mid 1980s and has contributed throughout his career to the rebirth of this medium in contemporary art. His works deal with questions connected to the past and to more recent history and address subjects of our daily lives through a set of images borrowed from the private and public spheres – the press, television, the Internet.As a curator, Tuymans has developed an important number of exhibitions such as The State of Things: Brussels/Beijing traveled from the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium to Beijing. In 2010-2011 he was the guest curator for the inaugural Bruges Central art festival in Bruges, Belgium. In 2013, he curated an exhibition at the Albertinum in Dresden, titled Constable, Delacroix, Friedrich, Goya. A Shock to the Senses, and Sanguine: Luc Tuymans on Baroque (2018-19), at Fondazione Prada, Milan organized with M KHA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp) and KMSKA (Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp) and the City of Antwerp.Luc Tuymans will be interviewed by Miguel Von Hafe Pérez (Art critic, Curator)




Lee Weinberg

Lecturer, Department of Cultural and Historical Studies, Royal College of Art, London, UK

Senior Lecturer, History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology Unit, Shenkar College of Engineering Design and Art, Israel

Associate Researcher, Department of Art History, University of Haifa, Israel


Michael Rogers

After sixteen years Michael has just retired from his teaching post at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Glass Program having been granted the title of Professor Emeritus. Previous to that he taught at the Aichi University of Education’s Glass Program in Japan for eleven years. Currently Michael has accepted a position as Professor at the Latvian Art Academy in Riga, Latvia where he will teach for six months out of the year from now on. Michael also serves on the Board of Directors of North Lands Creative in Lybster, Scotland.

Travel is an important aspect of Michael’s research and aesthetic. Recent trips have taken Michael to Scotland, Italy, Latvia, Czech Republic, Japan, China and Mexico. Of interest are ideas revolving around metaphor, impermanence, ephemerality and the transitory nature of life. When not traveling Michael works in his studio in Upstate New York. And when not working in his studio he can often be found in a boat on Keuka Lake.


Pedro Calapez

Pedro Calapez is an artist. Was born in Lisbon (1953) where he lives and works. He began taking part in exhibitions in the seventies and in 1982 had his first solo exhibition. He has exhibited his work individually in various galleries and museums, such as Casa de la Cittá, Roma, Carré des Arts, Paris, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Salpêtriére Chapel, Paris, Chiado Museum, Lisbon, Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation, Majorca, INTERVAL-Raum fur Kunst und Kultur, Witten, Germany; MEIAC – Contemporary Art Museum, Badajoz, CAAC – Andalucia Contemporary Art Centre, CGAC – Galicia Contemporary Art Centre, Santiago de Compostela, CAB – Caja Burgos Art Centre, Burgos, among others.




Abraham Neufeld

Professor at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Belgium

He is a Painter and member of the Organization Committee of KOMASK – Masters Salon, Antwerp.

1998-2002: KASKA Antwerp. Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen. Student of Fred Bervoets

2002-2006: Traveled to study the big art collections of the world New York, Philadelphia, Vienna, Berlin, Toulouse, Paris, London, Limoges. Meeting and feeling the people of the world.

2006-2011: Followed different subjects at University of Antwerp. Philosophy, Art Esthetics a.o. Did research on how humanity relates to nature, and how the challenges of the 21st century are approached.


Julio Cesar Abad Vidal

Julio César Abad Vidal Ph. D. (Madrid, Spain, 1975). is Doctor in Philosophy (Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts Area) by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), 2008. He received the Extraordinary Award of Doctorate Studies for his dissertation on Apropriationism. In addition, he is Bachelor in History of Art and Bachelor of East Asian Studies, also by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

A cultural critic, is author of more than one hundred of publications. Among them, two monographies: Ciria. Pintura sin héroe. Madrid, Tf editores, 2003. 318 pages. ISBN 84-96209-05-9, and Ramón Losa. Jaén, Ediciones del Lunar, 2014. 112 pages. ISBN 84-95331-57-1. He has also edited two academic volumes on Ecuadorian contemporary artists: Mapas del arte contemporáneo en Ecuador. Cuenca (Ecuador), Universidad de Cuenca, 2014. 156 pages. ISBN: 978-9942-14-289-9, and Pensar el arte. Actas del Coloquio sobre arte contemporáneo en Ecuador. Cuenca (Ecuador), Universidad de Cuenca, 2014. 190 pages. ISBN: 978-9942-20-241-3.

He has curated exhibitions in Spain (among them, two within the Official Selection of PHotoEspaña, in 2014 and 2015), Europe and Latin America (working for, among other institutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, or the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador).


Paloma Pelaez Bravo

PhD in Fine Arts and professor of the Painting Department of the School of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid since 2004; Coordinator of the Degree in Fine Arts from 2014-2018. Director of the Superior Course in Painting organized by the Fundación Santa María de Albarracín, since 2017. She is a member of the ACIS research group (Faculty of Philology UCM): Mitocrítica, nº refr: 930669, since 2012 and the group. Eco. De la naturaleza de la pintura de paisaje al arte del pensamiento pasajero (Facultad de Bellas Artes UCM). She has participated in 8 educational innovation projects, being a researcher responsible for the project Recuperación, clasificación y virtualización del fondo documental y gráfico, original del área de la pintura entre los años 1972-75, como material didáctico para las asignaturas Procesos de la Pintura y conformación del espacio Pictórico. Nª 207 and the project Referentes pictóricos en el Campus Virtual de cara a la Convergencia Europea. Proyecto (Periodo 1993-2007). No. 297, both of which were carried out at the School of Fine Arts of Madrid and financed by the Vicerrectorado de Desarrollo y Calidad de la Docencia UCM.

Since 1994, she has been developing an extensive exhibition tour with numerous solo and group exhibitions, both national and international; Among her latest exhibitions, she highlighted her representation as a Spanish artist in the exhibition of plastic arts organized by Comuarte en el Encuentro Internacional e Iberoamericano mujeres en el arte (Mexico City), her participation in the Homenaje a Cervantes -IV Centenario de la segunda parte Quijote at the Museo Gallivare de Suecia or his recent participation in Joint Fine Arts Exhibition at Wu Xing Gallery, Shanghai. She has also obtained several scholarships related to art creation and various painting prizes, including the second Premio Ejército del Aire granted by the Ministerio de Defensa y Gobierno de España. To point out that her creative activity and artistic production are closely linked to his teaching and research activity. In the projection of her pictorial work the processes of the work are taken as didactic elements in the teaching-learning process; the outline, the internal structure, the chromatic organization, as well as the different typologies of the sketch in the whole creative process of the work, is shown by the artist as an inherent element in the final process of any of her projects. Her research interests are linked to a natural look from painting, where the landscape, the nude and the portrait become elements of thought and relationship with the current cultural space. Highlight in this regard her monograph Estudio tipológico de bocetos en la pintura del natural. Madrid, Colección Procesos de la pintura, PPB.


Romain Mathieu

Romain Mathieu is an art historian and art critic. He teaches at the Saint Etienne School of Art and Design and Aix-Marseille University. In 2013, he defended a thesis entitled “Supports / Surfaces taken to words – Discursive strategies of a pictorial avant-garde”. He is particularly interested in contemporary painting and has published numerous texts in magazines or exhibition catalogs. He is a member of AICA and a regular contributor of art press.


Tarja Pitkänen-Walter

Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland

Professor at Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland

Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Doctor of Fine Arts 2006 University of Art and Design Helsinki 1996-97 Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki 1981-85



General Chair

Francisco Laranjo
Domingos Loureiro
Sofia Torres
Teresa Almeida



Antonio García López (FBBAAUM-SP)
António Quadros Ferreira (FBAUP-PT)
Domingos Loureiro (FBAUP-PT)
Francisco Laranjo (FBAUP-PT)
Graciela Machado (FBAUP-PT)
José Aja (FBBAAUC -SP)
José Ramalheira Vaz (FBAUP-PT)
Julio Cesar Abad Vidal (SP)
Laura Castro (U. Católica Porto-PT)
Maria de Fátima Lambert (FCSH.UNL-PT)
Paulo Luís Almeida (FBAUP-PT)
Rui Serra (FBAUL-PT)
Sofia Torres (FBAUP-PT)
Teresa Almeida (FBAUP-PT)
Yehia Youssef Ramadan (FBBAAUM-SP)






FCT, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Place Porto, FBAUP
Date 8 to 11 of April of 2019
Info https://icocep.fba.up.pt
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