Exhibition – Simply Books: curated by Lennart Mänd – 16 March to 3 April

Simply Books: curated by Lennart Mänd

( 16 March to 3 April – FBAUP’s Loja Gallery)

The Estonian Academy of Arts is the only public university in Estonia providing higher Education in fine art, design, architecture, media, visual studies, art culture and conservation. The location in Tallinn guarantees the basis for vibrant art, music and cultural heritage. The Department of Leather Art aims to provide a broad knowledge in humanities, traditional technologies combined with contemporary methods and innovation. Working on interdisciplinary projects in bookbinding and accessory design, the user-centred thinking is combined with self expression skills and sustainability. Our BA and MA courses help the students to develop their own ideas through making and designing, at the same time creating encouraging dialogues with the tutors and industry experts. The specialized subjects in the BA curriculum are divided into two main areas : bookbinding and accessory design. The footwear, fashion bags and accessories students gain the profound understanding of design processes which are the basis of implementation the skills to the craft. The course will help the students to experience the collaboration with different disciplines which will help to build a portfolio that will help to set up as an independent designer or a developer in the industry. The bookbinding course focuses on debates concerning the cultural, creative and individual functions of the book. The course engages with aspects of the book such as structure and materials, including printed multiples and sculptural designs. The history of bookbinding, new technology and the broad variety of technics (gilding, embossing, printing, inlays, onlays, batik, openwork ,embroidery, etc.) contribute to the success of keeping the traditional craft in the forefront. The book refers to anything that can be written on and that is intended to be kept for later references. The exhibition “Simply Books“ aims to draw some attention to the fantastic possibilities to introduce our nation, culture and the traditions, to introduce the Estonian Art Academy and the Department of Leather Art to our Portuguese colleagues and students. We want to share the experience of making things by hand, to evoke the desire to do something which is permanent and enduring, to show our artworks and encourage some further collaborations.