Drawing: Looking and Transformation

Drawing: Looking and Transformation
This lecture will examine a number of issues around perceptual drawing, which relate to art as well as architectural and design practice. Drawing the world around us has fallen into disrepute in our twenty-first century world that worships the rapidly mutating high technology of multi-functional portable devices. As mobile phones support individual speech, text, and image activities as well as encyclopedic storage, the means of examining the physical world have become restricted to the surrogacy of the lens, auditory transmission channels and the highways of cyber space.  Even social media, which purportedly offer democratic interventions and personal participation in the outside world are routed through this unitary and controllable algorithmic system.  I will argue that the act of drawing based on looking is that of a critical practice that asserts individual difference and encodes personal systems of thought, analysis and creativity. The illustrated lecture will also examine issues of witness, legitimacy, and the value of memory.

Bio Deanna Petherbridge
Artist, writer and curator whose practice is centered around drawing.  A major retrospective of her drawings was held at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester during 2016-17 accompanied by the publication Deanna Petherbridge: Drawing and Dialogue, 2016. Her three professorships in drawing include the Royal College of Art (1995-2001) and she is the author of The Primacy of Drawing: Histories and Theories of Practice, 2010.  Recent curated exhibitions include Witches and Wicked Bodies, National Galleries of Scotland & British Museum 2013-15 and Artists at Work, The Courtauld Gallery, London, 2018.

Place Lugar do Desenho - Fundação Júlio Resende
Date 11 of October of 2018
Info 17h30