DRAWING IN THE UNIVERSITY TODAY: registration is now open


International Meeting on Drawing, Image and Research

May 31st – Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto

June 1st ­– Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto




We are pleased to invite you all to join us for DRAWING IN THE UNIVERSITY TODAY on May 31st and June 1st at the Faculties of Fine Arts and Architecture of the University of Porto.

The conference will host artists and researchers from more than 10 countries and 30 Universities and Research Centers.

Over these two days, presentations, round table sessions and experimental project exhibitions will discuss the emerging thinking on drawing as a visual and methodological strategy in a university’s activities – from the visual arts and design to medicine, from sociology to cognitive sciences, from geography to criminology, from engineering to communication sciences, from computation to biology, and from architecture to ethnography.

DRAWING IN THE UNIVERSITY TODAY is proud to present, as keynote speakers, the Polish-American artist Monika Weiss (Washington University in St. Louis), the architects Eduardo Souto Moura (Universidade do Porto) and Pedro Bandeira (Universidade do Minho), Professor Frederic Fol Leymarie (Goldsmiths College), and Alastair Adams and Simon Downs (Drawing Research Network, Loughborough University).

As part of our program, an intervention by the artist Monika Weiss relating drawing, language, historical memory and performance in public spaces, will take place at the Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts on the 31st of May. This live drawing event is open to the public.

Early registration fee (until 15th May)

Students: 40 Euros

General Public: 75 Euros

Registration fee includes lunch and coffee breaks

In the days preceding the event, a series of drawing workshops will be available through a satellite program.

Registration for this satellite program will open shortly (available only in Portuguese)

Further info http://i2ads.up.pt/dut2013/

Contacts: Ana Cachucho, i2ADS, dut@i2ads.up.pt

DRAWING IN THE UNIVERSITY TODAY is organized by the i2ADS Drawing Research Group in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, and the School of Architecture of the University of Minho.



Thought of as a process by which the mind is committed to ideas that can only be visually expressed, drawings are also embodied forms of knowledge cutting across distinct fields and research practices, from the arts to the humanities and sciences. Nowadays, drawing presents itself as an open field, where means of direct expression relate to, and expand, the new technological environments of images.

However, its status and its uses in the University are relatively unknown or overlooked, confined to the specificities of departments and research centers.

The systematic use of drawing in academic fields such as computer sciences and games programming; in biology and microbiology, as illustration and a tool for active perception and observational record; in geography, as a visualization of experiential models of space; or in journalism, as a direct means of reporting – just to name a few examples – opens up new fields of research in the creative, cognitive and communicative possibilities of drawing.

Renewed interest in drawing beyond the traditional areas it is commonly associated with – fine arts, architecture and design – is a symptom of its emergence in the various teaching, laboratorial and communicative contexts of the University, as images, diagrams,  notations, processes, models, methodologies and traces representing an investigated idea or phenomenon.

DRAWING IN THE UNIVERSITY TODAY aims to promote a debate of controversial positions through theoretical research and innovative accounts of individual practices, addressing and challenging these questions:

What cross-disciplinary perspectives are open to drawing practices in a contemporary University?

How can drawing contribute to image-based research in the University?

Is there a specific visual imagination in scientific practice?

How is drawing involved in the design process?

What connections can be imagined between drawing and verbal language?

How is drawing involved in performance-based practices in the University?

What roles are assigned to drawing in laboratorial and studio contexts?

How does drawing relate active perception to cognition and creativity?

How can drawing enhance teaching and learning strategies in the University?


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