3rd Conference on Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research

3rd Conference on Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research

Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto,  28-30 January 2015

Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research are controversial and sometimes contradictory territories that intersect between scientific research and artistic practice. The 1st and 2nd editions of this Conference on Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research took place in Barcelona  and in Granada  and brought decisive progress in the field.

The 3rd edition will be held in Porto, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and will be drawn as a place to move the arguments on arts-based research and artistic research away from an exclusive focus on its legitimacy. It is time to engage decisively with what is being done, discussing concrete examples of doctoral research and artistic practice understood as research, in order to clear the meaning of research in and within the arts. What kind of knowledge is being produced and in what ways can it be discussed? What may be and what may be not Arts Based Research and Artistic Research?

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

8-30 January 2015


For those that are not presenters, but want to participate in the conference, please send a registration email to nea@fba.up.pt. The Conference fee is 30 euro and it will be payed at the registration desk during the reception.

For futher details about the conference, you may consult the program at the following link: