Psiax: Special Edition

PSIAX continues its mission of supporting research on drawing and image, carrying forward the publication of a selection of the most relevant papers presented in Drawing in the University Today – International Meeting on Drawing, Image and Research, held at the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, in 2013. Four years after the event, we feel the fading of the early enthusiasm that led to Drawing in the University Today, organized by Paulo Luís Almeida, Miguel Bandeira Duarte and José Manuel Teixeira. The circumstances underlying the meeting, besides a national and international dynamics that encouraged the presentation of communications on this subject, also reflected the increasing number of PhDs courses in the Schools of Fine Arts, the work being made by Art Research Centers and the dynamism of postgraduate dissertations.

This special issue emphasizes the need to continue the process of inquiring drawing through drawing, of questioning the act itself, the need to express, to show and to demonstrate. These needs continued long after the event and the online publication of the proceedings.

PSIAX editors, in collaboration with the organizers of Drawing in the University Today, propose in this special issue a highlight of some of the lectures and presentations. As before, we assume the need to reach a wider audience with the articles written in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The articles are presented according to the core themes of the discussion panels of the meeting, recognizing the pertinence of the questions that were raised as prompts: there is an iconography of the scientific text that reflects a specific imagery in scientific practice; drawing is a common ground in research methodologies and design activity; different idiolects emerge within graphic discourses; drawing is both a study process and a case study within the educational model of University contexts.

As an alternative to a brief outline of the published articles, we recall the stimulating program topics that were used to enhance the awareness of the wide scope of focuses that are addressed by Drawing in the University Today: Enhancing Education through Drawing; Visual Imagery and Scientific Practice; Creativity, Cognition and Active Perception; Thinking Drawing in Research; Modes of Conception: Reports on Practice; Acting through Drawing.

This topics bring together — within an inevitable interaction already recognized in the foreword of the proceedings — drawing as a learning methodology in artistic, design and scientific practice, through innovative strategies and alternative outcomes; the analysis of the production and use of sketches, diagrams and illustrations in the context of scientific work, as records of the process of knowledge production; the relationship between creative and perceptual processes and their instrumental role in discovery, mind shifting and experiential knowledge; the critical and philosophical ground for discussing the role of drawing within the University, based on subjective, emergent and interdisciplinary approaches to research; discussion of studio-based research, focusing the correspondences between invention and knowledge; and the tense relationship between drawing and performance practices, in which drawing is simultaneously gesture, score and record of an action.

Special Issue: Drawing in the University Today

Mario Bismarck, Vitor Silva, Miguel Duarte

José Maria Lopes, José Manuel Barbosa, Paulo Luís Almeida

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto
Escola de Arquitetura da Universidade do Minho
i2ADS – Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade
Lab2PT – Laboratório de Paisagens Património e Território

Publisher i2ADS / Lab2PT
Local Porto
Year 2017
ISBN / ISSN 1647-8045
Language PT, Eng
PDF Publicação