Mono #1

The title MONO becomes relevant in the context of a publication intending to reflect the contemporariness of visual arts, in particular through its inherent connection with the production process – mono is the volume/prototype made by printers to enable the client to check the final work. And in addition because on embodying the notion of one as a prefix, it allows publishing thematic issues around the approach we intend to be broad and multiple. The option for this strategy is not an innocent one. Rather than the superficial plurality of magazines, we prefer in–depth unity of thematic issues which may include the desired multiplicity altogether. Thus for this first issue we propose the idea of MONOdispersion as an agglutinating theme, as well as a prospecting operation of the territories to be visited in the following issues.

Another choice concerning this first issue was that of asking for collaboration of guests outside the FBAUP, thus mapping the intense relationship network of the institution, though partially, and emphasizing the international aim of the project and the importance of flows outwards – but especially inwards – for knowledge production.

Every issue will have guest editors and a publishing policy on a double condition: on the one hand, there will be texts from both national and foreign guests; on the other hand, the possibility of publishing texts submitted by anyone who considers his/her collaboration in this kind of publication as important. However, the latter will be filtered through a necessary arbitration process, which we intend to be both thorough and open.

Semester publication allows for the depth we are aiming at – it is impossible to compress time any further – and keeps a visibility relationship we consider suitable, that is, two yearly issues which will preferably coincide with the beginning and the middle of the year. However, we are aware of today’s almost obsessive need to work with other forms of visibility and other ways of relating to the public; therefore, we will be on the Internet at the MONO website, which will display information on every issue, text abstracts and a few full–text articles that will be available for download.


(Ed / Org)
Publisher i2ADS | FBAUP
Local Porto
Year 2007
ISBN / ISSN 1646-7388
Language Português, English
Number 1