(DIS)LOCATIONS: exile, topology, relocation

A compendium of contemporary public art / space thinking. “In the spirit of an exploratory, transdisciplinary object, you may thus find here essays on the mutating codes of landscaping (Laura Castro), a possible topology of media (Miguel Leal), the shifting status of public art (Jeremy Hunt & Jonathan Vickery), and even a graphic novel on non-gravity architecture as a reenacted, roving Noah’s Ark (Jimenez Lai).” Pedro Gadanho, shrapnel contemporary. This book is bilingual in Portuguese and English and presents projects by Final Year Students of the Master of Art and Design for the Public Space, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Porto and texts by Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Godofredo Nobre, Jeremy Hunt and Jonathan Vickery, José Guilherme Abreu, Laura Castro, Michael Asbury, Miguel Leal, Pedro Gadanho e Susana Caló, as well as a graphic novel by Jimenez Lai.

Laura Castro, Michael Asbury, Pedro Gadanho, Susana Caló, Miguel Leal, Godofredo Nobre, Jeremy Hunt, Jonathan Vickery, José Guilherme Abreu, Jimenez Lai.

Bárbara Leite, Maria João Tavares, Filipe Garcia, Meireles de Pinho, Inês Alves, Carolina Anselmo, Marta Rocha, Ivo Teixeira, Miguel Costa, Filomena Nascimento, Rita Rainho.

(Ed / Org)
Publisher i2ADS | FBAUP
Local Porto
Year 2011
Language Português, English