Creative Primary School Partnerships with Visual Artists. Project Erasmus + CREARTE

Creative School Partnerships with Visual Artists, is a project for experimenting pedagogies based on contemporary art practices in primary schools. The project has been co-funded with support from the European Commission (2015-1-PT01-KA201-012989), started in 01/09/2015 and finished 30/11/2017.

Crearte aspires to promote creative spaces in education that will fire young students’ active participation, willingness to experiment, cooperate, imagine, think and learn in new attractive, stimulating and efficient ways. Crearte’s focus is on offering in-service teachers’ training that will promote visual arts and the cooperation with visual artists so as to transform and enrich young children’s school lives.

Through the Program, educational resources and materials will be produced to support the design and implementation of school visual arts projects so as to:

a) enhance students’ collaboration with professional adults

b) connect school life with the real world of creative professionals that could serve as role models and inspire young students

c) promote networking of schools with the creative community as well as collaborative approaches to teaching through visual arts

d) engage students from all backgrounds (minorities, lower socio-economic backgrounds, high academic spectrum) and with various abilities to collaborative research work with creative professionals as well as their fellow students and their teachers

e) provide alternative and creative spaces in the school programs so as to make teaching and learning more attractive and efficient, and achieve the development of basic and transversal skills.

Contemporary Art Practice

The visual arts curricula of the project partners’ countries encourage the focus on teaching and learning about local and international artists, and recognize artists’ contribution in the birth, development and realization of visual ideas in response to their experiences of the world.

Furthermore, utilizing contemporary visual arts in art education is a curriculum strategy that enables students to actively be engaged with current issues, dialogue and debate about their experiences of the real out-of-school world and to comprehend that visual arts are linked to important issues such as personal and cultural identity, family, community and nationality. It also aims to promote cultural understanding through the various social issues that many contemporary artists investigate in their artwork.


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