(Português) artistic research does #6 – Marina Cyrino

The orthodox narrative of Western knowledge is particularly obsessed with clarity. Clarity should be understood here not only as an expression of intelligibility, but also, in terms of light. That the association between knowledge and clarity is a given, veils – that is, does not enlighten – the history of domination, obscurantism, occlusion, suppression of other modes and narratives of being, feeling and knowing. Within such genealogy the said, the visible, the solid, and the masculine assertion are placed on the side of the logical and of certainty. And if “a rational person makes a much clearer self-examination in the dark that in broad light” (Amos Oz, “Uma pantera na cave” 1998, 58 – free translation), that is strictly a matter of parsimony: reducing complexity helps with the synthesis of consciousness. However, such reduction of complexity is a choice and not an inevitable path, since the opposite of complexity is not simplicity, but reductionism. That is the transgression perpetrated by the epistemology of light.

ARD#6 invites musician and researcher Marina Cyrino to extend these concerns. In “Is she? an aeroelastic flutter, which weeps weeps the witch, which weeps each witch, or that is a likely story”, Marina Cyrino guides us through her artistic research about the concealed history of female subjection within the fields of music and knowledge. Through an artistic and conceptual articulation, in which the female body, the flute, the blow, the night and the aching laughter of (the bird) Urutau transverse in a common body, Marina Cyrino meets us with the spectres stolen by light.



Catarina Almeida

Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto

i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society


André Alves

Valand Academy University Of Gothenburg


(Ed / Org)
Publisher i2ADS - Research Institute in Art, Design and Society
Year 2019
ISBN / ISSN 978-989-54417-7-8
Language English, Portuguese
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