Michelle Domingos

Former Researcher

Born in South Africa in 1985. Lives in Porto since 2003. Attended the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, where helds a Degree in Fine Arts - Painting, a Master Degree in Art and Design for the Public Space, and a Master Degree in Visual Arts Education. Main research interests relate to transdisciplinary projects that envolve arts, politics, philosophy, sociology and cultural studies, defined by a collaborative approach and relation between art and public and art and communities. Has published texts surrounding matters of critical theory, and art and art education; collaborated in artistic projects and cultural institutions, and participated in seminars and conferences. Is linked with performing arts and theatrical culture, since 2013, as board member of the Experimental Theatre of Porto. Is a visual Arts teacher since 2010, and a member of I2ADS Arts Education Nucleum since 2011.

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Contacts Email A: michelledomingos@gmail.com
Links Website A
Contacts Email A: michelledomingos@gmail.com