Inês Salselas

Former Researcher

Holds a PhD in Sound and Music Computing, with dissertation entitled “Exploring interactions between music and language during the early development of music cognition. A computational modeling approach.” Graduated in Electrical and Computers Engineering at Faculdade de Engenharia from the University of Porto (FEUP), Portugal. In parallel, carries musical studies at Conservatório de Música do Porto (Official school). During graduation sought to establish a link between engineering and music, developing a research project on percussion sounds’ recognition. Later, at the Music Technology Group in Barcelona, develops research in the area of sound and music computation, specifically in computational modelling of music perception and cognition from an interdisciplinary approach. Since 1999, has been involved in various musical projects with special interest in vocal expression. Her research interests are related with computational modelling, music perception and cognition, developmental psychology of music, language development and musical creativity.

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Academic Title PhD
I2ADS ASSOCIATION Former Researcher
INTERESTS computational  modelling
music  perception  and  cognition
developmental  psychology  of  music
language  development 
musical creativity
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Main Activity Investigação
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