Mergulhar de cabeça em águas turvas: A procura da forma na experiência estética e sua tradução

Mergulhar de cabeça em águas turvas is something that is being proposed, throughout this book, as an exercise. It could be understood as a desire
to seek form in a undefined state and to put it to light. Throughout the following chapters I will give written and visual form to some abstract (mental) concepts that are propellants, in some way, of my artistic mani- festations.

This book is composed as a report but it also aims to be something close to a portfolio.
Throughout the text I intend to ramble on about topics that are important to and in the production and research of my practical work. The linearity of chronological entries of the texts and works do not follow a specific order. The subjects are connected with some logical sequence, but it didn ́t seem relevant to separate the report from the work documentation (which is closer to the idea of porfolio). Thus, there is a kind of assembling of the parts, wich allows, in a less delimited way, all contents to relate to each other.

There is a strong division, I decided to highlight, which separates text from images. In that way its possible to emphasize the big contrast between
the two languages and the difference in terms of potential of both formats within my speech.

The content is divided in three parts.
The first, more drifty, is where I intend to enumerate and contextualize the main motivations of my work. This part is accompanied by images taken from the internet that are mostly from unknown sources. and also other images of works by some artists. It also has a sub-chapter composed by keywords, in a dictionary or encyclopedia type of format. There I try to talk freely about various words / concepts that cross my job.
This first part shows the uncertainty of certainty and attempt to make logical reasoning overflow to an appreciation of the experience, with an emphasis on the phenomenon.
The second part presents four loose problems. It intends to fill those voids of loose ends. This part also has pictures from other artists.
The third, more processual, is where I try to explain briefly the pro-
cess, materials and contexts of the work done over the last two years (2011/2012), also presenting their recorded documentation