Word of Mouth – Maile Colbert + Jacqueline Goss e Jenny Perlin – 13 Março

Word of Mouth – Artists by Artists
Esta sessão será dirigida por Maile Colbert

Jacqueline Goss and Jenny Perlin
“The Measures”
exibição de filmes com comentários dos realizadores, Jacqueline Goss e Jenny Perlin (EUA), seguindo-se de uma conversa sobre o seu trabalho de colaboração.

13 de Março, 18H
Aula Magda, FBAUP

Jacqueline Goss and Jenny Perlin retrace the journey of two 18th-century astronomers tasked with determining the true length of the meter. From the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel, “The Measures” explores the metric system’s origins during the violence and upheavals of the French Revolution. Along the way, Goss and Perlin consider the intertwining of political and personal turmoil, the failures of standardization, and the subtleties of collaboration.

The screening/performance is accompanied by a lecture on the difficulties and pleasures of working collaboratively. Just as the two men who determined the length of the meter worked together with imperfect equipment, Perlin and Goss learned to embrace the idiosyncrasies of working with 16mm film and the art of compromise.