seminário de Ina Alm: Conversation about Swedish school curriculum from a cultural and arts perspective

Ina Alm

7 de dezembro, às 17horas, na FPCEUP, sala 250

I have been working as a media educator at Pedagogical Inspiration Malmö, a municipal in-service training centre for teachers in Malmö, Sweden, for about ten years. My job here has involved a good deal of collaboration with the University of Malmö, where there is a faculty for teacher educaBon.

One of my areas of responsibility has been culture and the arts in education. During the seminar I will give you an introduction to the Swedish school curriculum from a cultural and arts perspective.

I will also talk about how the Swedish school system is supported by the government in the area of culture and the arts. There is a national system for funding that was created to support artists who want to work in schools but also to put focus on the integration of arts in education.

I will describe a specific collaboration I was involved in with two visual artists and a group of pupils and teachers in three different schools. The purpose of the project was to promote childrens’ rights in decision-making through participation in arts- related activities. The children involved were aged from six to thirteen years and the project produced some really interesting results.

Finally, my intention is to open up for a dialog with the students where we can exchange our different experiences with one another.